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Thread: March Friday - Monday SAL

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    Debbie, this is quite a decision. You’re points on weather to add a new project to your rotation or to to try and finish an existing ones are true dilemmas.

    For myself I would lean to not adding another project as I don’t like to have more than three at the max. I try to limit it to two. However, that being said I do understand the yearning to start a project that calls to you. I have several that I am always thinking about but I deny myself for now.

    These are all beautiful patterns! I have to say that the Gipsy Firefly is my favourite of the four but it’s the one you haven’t started yet but I understand why you want to! So with that I would choose the Night Cafe to work on as the colours are so vibrant and it looks to have good chunks of colours so I would think you could move more rapidly with this one.

    Whichever you choose though is not going to be a bad choice as they are all lovely! Good luck with you’re decision!

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    What a tough decision, Debbie. I love all of them, but particularly Night Cafe (as you already know). The detail and colours in Dragon Kin are lovely, as they are in Gypsy Firefly. As I'm not really a dragon person, if it was me, I'd continue on with Night Cafe or start Gypsy Firefly. There is no wrong answer here!!

    Well, we've been here since Wednesday evening and the stitching hasn't even been unpacked. We have been at our golf school just south of Myrtle Beach, and just today moved into our permanent residence while here, a bit north of Myrtle Beach. Life will get to some sort of normalcy after tomorrow. I had a great game today, only my second time playing since October, and had my first birdie - there may be some hope for my game yet!!

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    I think I've narrowed down my choices. Someone on the HAED list posted progress on Gypsy Firefly and commented that she was in "blue he**". As she had just started the design it caused me to go look at the pattern closely. About 5 of the colors being used at the start of this design are ones that I'm currently using on Winter Wings Owl and about 5 more are shades of blue and gray in the same color families. And after closer scrutiny of the Dragon Kin design I find it's the same way (although there are a lot of mauves and violets in there, too.) I'm tired of blues and grays. I want to work in other colors! So I think Gypsy Firefly and Dragon Kin are both out of the running for now. So that helps. That leaves me with Magical Arrival Storykeep and Night Cafe. Sometime between now and when I finish Winter Wings Owl I may pull Magical Arrival out and put it on the frame briefly and work on it a bit to see how I feel about working 32 count 1 x 1. If I just don't feel up to working that small, Night Cafe will be my choice for the rest of the year. In anticipation of that, I've started laying in the diagonals on the pattern so I can figure out where I need to start to get this converted to diagonal parking.

    Congrats on your golfing progress, Wendy. What is a golf school? I don't play the game (although I watch a lot of it on TV) so I have no idea what you would do at one.
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