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Thread: S..L..O..W progress

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    Once you add in the trees and buildings, the sky is really going to look wonderful. Don't get discouraged!

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    Debby we are all with you hun, you will soon see some progress on your trees and buildings
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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    Hang in there, Debbie. We all have to do it at some points or other. Starts can be exciting, but also sometimes boring until you get a few more pages in.
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    Being a newbie at these complex projects, I've realized that what I'm doing is called "confetti" stitching. I don't get much done at a time because I have to keep changing colours. And the colours are all so similar!!! But it does give the piece dimension, right? Thankfully there aren't too many blended threads involved.
    So...on I go with the brown....

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    Debby, I'm with you on the brown. I really do feel for you. But keep at it. I stitched most of the weekend in a variation of green and brown, and does it look any different to what I was stitching last week? Nope. I am coming to the sections where there is a lot of brown and green confetti. Planning which symbol I am going to stitch and the route to take, makes it go faster.

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