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Thread: Stitching with one thread

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    Stitching with one thread


    I prefer to use only one thread when stitching. Has anyone done this before on a solid color only pattern? I'm asuming I would have to use 28 or 30 over one thread? Any suggestions/ideas?

    Happy Stitching!! Tobi

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    Hi Tobi and a warm welcome

    I'm stitching with 1 thread on 22ct and the coverage is good up to now but as yet it's all light colours and I do have a loose tension. I doubt I'll be happy once I reach the darker colours but it's a good experiment I have seen several patterns stitched on 25ct in full cross with 1 strand and they were gorgeous. What are you thinking of stitching?

    I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure

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    Hi Tobi and welcome to GK! My friend is stitching a solid chart with one thread on a 28-count fabric. I have seen others that she has stitched like this and they are beautiful! We'd love to see what you are considering, and then watching your progress.

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    Hi Toby and Welcome. I am doing my Lady At A Tree with one strand on thread in a Solid pattern using 25ct. black lugana. Its working well for me. Michiko is also doing her Beyond Jordon pattern with one thread on 25ct. Lugana.
    Have you decided on a pattern you would like to do this way?

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