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Thread: 1213 Waterfall in Yosemite (mini)

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    1213 Waterfall in Yosemite (mini)

    I went on vacation last week to visit my parents. Since my mom enjoys seeing me start new projects, I thought I would start this smallest of my Golden Kite patterns. My husband loves Yosemite, so this will be a nice one to hang in our main living space.
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    I am going to work this pattern a bit differently than I started my other two Gk patterns (I'll probably start working them this way from now on, too). I started in the top left corner and chose the first symbol on the chart. I worked that symbol for a string or two till I reached a predetermined stopping place (on this vacation, that was about halfway down the first page). Then I went with the next unstitched symbol, etc. I discovered this was a nice compromise for me to have some areas completed faster as I proceed (which is beautiful to see!), yet still not switching needles too often or being rigid within each 10x10 square or page. I like how it is starting to turn out - even though time passed much too quickly for me to complete what I had hoped to (I would have liked to complete a bit more sky, too). The colors are much more rich than I thought, and look lovely - not just boring rock!
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    Sarah - I love Yosemite too, although it's been decades since I've been there. I am so going to enjoy watching your progress on this!I stitch the way you just described on GK patterns too. I start in one corner & do all of the stitches of that symbol on that page, then I move over & do the next available stitch/symbol, etc. It makes for an interesting progres through some pages, but I also find it easier than constantly changing threads.Leslie

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    Great start Sarah, I always start at the left corner with the first sympol, but I work the hole page with that color.
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    Sarah fab start on yosemite I would say I like yosemite but have never been there but you never know Gill and I may get there on our travels one day I do my stitching the way you are tackling this one too
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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    You have made a great start on a beautiful pattern, Sarah. I'm another one who works this way, although I just go as far as my first thread takes me. I'm too afraid of miscounting to do more than that!

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    This is a beautiful painting! I have to agree also, I think your new way you are taking this on to stitch is going to be easier for you and I think you will like seeing results faster. I stitch this way also, I think it saves alot of time compared to changing needles and threads so often.

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    I am doing Beauty and the Beast very similarly, the only difference is that I start with the symbol that is easiest to distinguish from all of the other symbols (that would be close to the starting corner). I usually do a strand or so and then move either to a symbol that is more prevalent or another one that is easier to distinguish. After each strand I use a marker (I'm using pink on Beauty and the Beast ) and color in the stitches I just did. I find that as I go along, it kind of 'reveals' which color I should do next and makes it less likely that I will miss a stitch of a certain color because I didn't see the symbol. Does that make sense? I dunno, works for me! And I like seeing the finished progress in each area as I move along. Looks beautiful!

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    Sarah, I look at this one a lot. Really like it. So glad you are stitching it and we get to watch you bring it to life!
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    Thanks everyone! I would probably normally carry a color throughout the whole page (and slightly beyond to avoid an obvious end of page look on the finished stitching), but I wanted my mom to see the completed look in the top corner while I was there in person. I knew I wouldn't have much time to work with, so I just went to half-way down the page this time. Worked pretty well and she got to see some nice detailing on the rocks. When I pick this back up, I might go ahead and finish the page before moving on to the next one.

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    Beautiful start on a beautiful pattern, Sarah! I would love to see Yosemite one day, but until then, I can see it come to life under your able fingers!

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