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Thread: 626 Princesse de Broglie

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    626 Princesse de Broglie

    I wanted to start a thread for each Golden Kite pattern I'm doing. It seems like a fun way to report progress and keep things chronological and organized. My progress may be slow due to other stitching & family obligations, but I will share updates as I'm able.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Princesse de Broglie picture.jpg 
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ID:	1080 I bought this pattern for myself as an early birthday present this past year, as it was being discontinued on my birthday! I have always admired this painting because of her pretty blue dress, so when I saw it was being discontinued, I decided to splurge - my first GK pattern! This pattern is 396x543 - 215,028 stitches! I'm working it on 18 count aida cloth, stitching "in hand".

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ID:	1081Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1082To relate my progress so far: I started the pattern in the upper left corner, with the intention of working towards the head so I could get to the "interesting" part sooner. I stitch differently than many do on this site, so I feel the need to kind of explain my "game plan". When the color I chose turned out to be taking too long, I switched to a more sporadic shade and skipped quickly over to her hair, and proceeded to fill in the major hair color, before taking this picture. I was already in love with this pattern!

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ID:	1083Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blog picture 5.JPG 
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ID:	1084I continued work on her hair, then decided I needed to fill in her face because my fabric was starting to bend in the middle between the chunks of finished stitching. However, since her face is yellowish and her hair is somewhat green, she looks a little strange at this point. And the pictures I took at this time weren't in the best lighting, making it look worse even than it really was. Also, as I worked each color in her face, I would finish out the strand on my needle, continuing down into her neck, until the thread ran out - hence the random patches of color on her neck.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blog picture 6.JPG 
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ID:	1085And a couple weeks ago, I pulled it out again during a SAL, and had a chance to work some more on her face. I must say, she looks much improved! I look forward to my next chance to pull her out and complete her face - and I have every intention of working more on the background as I go along. I think she'll look even better when not set against the stark white fabric.
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    gorgeous Sarah and will watch this along with your three sisters xx
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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    Oh Sarah, I love the photos, and thank you for starting your thread. It is so interesting seeing how colours that look like they shouldn't even be in hair or a face end up being perfect, and helping with the shading. She is going to be beautiful!

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    What a pretty face, Sarah! I have also just bought a pattern, which is to be discontinued, it's a great idea of a self-present

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    Sarah - She is going to be beautiful! I love watching pictures grow in stages like this and I'm so glad you have started your own WIP thread. With each posting, she is looking more and more real! Thanks so much for letting us share with you!


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    Her face is coming along so beautifully! Happy you started your thread and we can watch your progress along with your new pattern you started Three Sisters.

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    She is already fantastic. Keep up the good work!

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    Sarah, she's certainly looking prettier-her face is lovely!

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    There is a serene look to her face.
    HeleneIn GK WIPs Gallery: Odalisque
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