1. Temes generals sobre els projectes més avançats i grans amb molts colors (com els patrons de l'estel d'or). També fer una ullada a fòrums especialitzats més baix.

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  • Stitched piece by Marcus, GK

  • Arthur Claude Strachan - The cottage garden by cantgetenough

  • Frederick Bridgman - "The Messenger" by Marcus, GK

  • Karl Rozen (1864 - 1934) by yarina

  • Stitched piece by Marcus, GK

  • Tissot - "Type of Beauty" by Marcus, GK

  • Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - "Antony and Cleopatra" by Marcus, GK

  • WIP reading by the window by

  • Adelheid Dietrich - "Still Life of Flowers" by Marcus, GK

  • Tissot James Jacques - The Fireplace by Stacya

  • Duffield William (1816-1863) - "Roses in a Vase" by Marcus, GK

  • Adelaide Claxton - "Wonderland" by Marcus, GK