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Neil's Family and Friends BBQ

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My cousin, Neil, is VERY good with food-he can make anything, from something fancy, to a BBQ, he does superb! Yesterday, he hosted a 'Family and Friends BBQ', for 100 people! All kinds of food there-came back home, stuffed to the gourd!

Who, among many, was also there? Neil's brother, Ed, and his fiancee, Nathalie-you remember them-the one's I'm stitching "The Wedding" for? We call them Canada's First Couple of Rock n Roll! Since they're in a band! Ed wouldn't smile in this pic-says it's bad for R nR image-but in actual fact, he's one of the jolliest people you'll ever meet-always laughing (except in pix)-and Nathalie is a dear!
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  1. merrick10uk's Avatar
    lol I know what you mean about them not smiling for photos - its hard to get mine to do that and they aren't in an r & r band

    lovely photo though and looks like it was a lovely day for a BBQ
  2. Bellegurl's Avatar
    Thanks, Chris-and yes, it was a hot, lovely day, and my cousin, Neil is an amazing cook! Ed likes to be serious in all pix-I'm always nagging him to smile-even for this one-he said, 'No, can't do that!'-but Nathalie smiled! However, when he's not posing for pix, Ed is one of the funniest cousins-he's always laughing, and joking!!!