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  1. Life, Death, and Where Can You Buy Football Jerseys

    To make certain you're using the most suitable uniform, you must know different sections of uniforms and the most desirable material for each part. Thus, you won't need to be worried about the uniforms. It is possible to find an outstanding variety in football uniforms, a few of which will certainly catch your attention. There wasn't any talk of I don't understand what happened. Now, if guy belches, that's expected. To be able to locate the ideal jacket for your children, here are a few things ...
  2. Hi from Juneau, Alaska

    Quote Originally Posted by AKstitches View Post
    Just learning how to join in blogs...bare with me...but already having fun!! :-)
  3. Finally!

    We'll, I'm back! I guess I certainly made quite a hoop-la about it! Truth to tell, cross stitching is a HUGE part of my life, and I really am the only one around me that does it. One day, I literally woke up, and started thinking of my GK stitch family: and I knew I had to come back! Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful welcome back. After deserting you all for so long, I hardly deserve it. xxx
  4. Afternoon Tea at Momo's Cafe in London :)

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    A great time in London with Gill staying with our American friend Janice
  5. I have been thinking

    that it is about time I posted here again I have also been thinking that I need to get Optimus Prime back out and see what I can do to figure out how he goes together...... I now know that I have two more little bits to stitch because I emailed the designer who omitted to state that a page with no words on or instructions did need stitching and was not just a diagram of how something went together - stupid man...... anyway I will stitch them soon and then hopefully it will come together and I ...
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