View Full Version : Taking the Step

  1. A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step
  2. POLL! Of The Total GK patterns you own, which category do you have the most of?
  3. Multiple patterns???
  4. Multiple patterns poll
  5. Choosing my first Golden Kite design - focus on faces
  6. New to GK
  7. Which one?
  8. I did it!
  9. I cut my fabric
  10. size of patterns
  11. Fabric
  12. I took the step!
  13. What do I choose?
  14. Stitching with one thread
  15. I have a bit of a conundrum
  16. Am I crazy?
  17. S..L..O..W progress
  18. Fabric Count
  19. Parking technique
  20. Finding Fabric
  21. bobbin winding
  22. I took the step!
  23. How difficult are these first levels?
  24. Hello from Australia! Where do I begin?
  25. My sorry knight...
  26. Thread buying...What's best?
  27. GK patterns - pricey?
  28. Hello I have a few questions if someone could answer please
  29. one over one stitching
  30. my first gk pattern
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