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  1. [moved] Q-SNAP Floor Model
  2. My set-up
  3. Laying tool
  4. 20" aida!
  5. Floor stand, lap stand, organization of floss, light/magnification, laying tools .
  6. which floor stand?
  7. Floor model light
  8. Hoops
  9. Here's My Set-Up
  10. Want a good light and magnifier
  11. Advice?
  12. Protecting fabric in Q-snap?
  13. grids, and how to manage all the colors
  14. those circular thread cutters....
  15. Needle suggestions
  16. Q snap frames made easy...lol
  17. Protecting Stitches
  18. LED lights
  19. DMC from China and Hong Kong
  20. Floor stands vs. lap frames:
  21. Looking for pictures of "tools"
  22. Does anyone know the floor frames of "Elbesee/UK"?
  23. How to use the GK Fabric Calculator
  24. What size of needle do you use?
  25. To stretcher bar users...
  26. Stitch Mate Floor stand, Ergo, Mark 2 or Lowery?
  27. Stitcher's gloves
  28. Does anyone use a magnifying glass to embroider?
  29. GK Extras products
  31. Grid Markers - Pens, pencils, thread
  32. For those of you who own a Mark II:
  33. Scroll Frame Preferences?
  34. Full Mark II Floorstand Review!
  35. Ott light floor lamp
  36. Longest scroll rods needed
  37. Android App comparable with Apples Goodnotes?
  38. Floor Stand from Estonia
  39. A stand that's "a little different"
  40. scroll frame rods too short
  41. Need your help. Which system is better??????? I can't decide.
  42. Can the Mark 2 be adapted to accommodate the Millennium frames?
  43. My needleneeds stand and frame
  44. Mark 2 floor stand question
  45. what bulb wattage for stitching?
  46. Do qsnaps work for extra large projects?
  47. iPad and stitching
  48. advice needed on clip on magnifyers
  49. UPDATE: I finally Ordered my MARK 2!
  50. Other equipment non golden kite project
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